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What is Fetegeo?

Fetegeo is, primarily, a simple, fast, free text geocoding framework. Given an address such as Ilminster UK it will return various information such as latitude and longitude. Fetegeo aims to return high quality results without imposing undue conditions on format of the users' input.

Fetegeo is however much more than just a search engine. It can be embedded as a library or used as a client / server; it can be used to categorise locations into hierarchy; it is relatively independent of any particular dataset. Furthermore Fetegeo is intended to be easily customisable to different circumstances; it is a relatively small body of code with a reasonable degree of in-built flexibility.


Fetegeo is currently early-stage software in alpha release. Various functionality is missing or incomplete; nevertheless Fetegeo is already usable in many circumstances as shown by the OSM demo.



Fetegeo itself is licensed under an MIT-style license. The datasets used to populate the Fetegeo database are under various licenses.


Please see the downloads page for releases and source repository information.
Copyright ©2008 Laurence Tratt